Never Make a Settlement or Transaction Without Talking to a Lawyer

Never Make a Settlement or Transaction Without Talking to a Lawyer

Turn to us first when your or your business is facing a lawsuit or needs assistance with real estate and civil matters

Is a business partner suing you for breach of contract or a customer suing you for product liability? Don't panic. And don't attempt to represent your business in these kinds of commercial litigation matters. LaBeau Law Firm is on your side. As your attorney, Benjamin J. LaBeau will uncover the facts, discuss your legal options and represent your company's best interests.

We've represented clients successfully in civil litigation, business disputes, and business representation. We'll work hard to do the same for you. Contact us today to get in touch with an experienced attorney.

If you need help drafting contracts or transferring real estate including real estate forms, setting up a new business or drafting a new contract, we can help with all of that.

What to expect during your consultation

When you meet with attorney LaBeau, he'll ask you to explain your situation in detail. He'll ask follow-up questions so he can proceed in the right direction. You can also expect him to...

  • Outline the civil or commercial litigation process
  • Discuss specific strategies he'll use to negotiate a settlement or present your case
  • Tell you about the anticipated ruling or outcome

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