Want to Avoid a Lengthy Family Court Case?

Want to Avoid a Lengthy Family Court Case?

Work With a Compassionate Child Custody & Divorce Attorney

Family disputes can be hard to deal with, especially for young children. Spending as little time in court as possible can protect your loved ones from unnecessary heartache. Benjamin J. LaBeau of LaBeau Law Firm will do his best to convince the judge to reach a decision quickly. Attorney LaBeau has a proven track record and years of experience practicing family law.

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Your family is our #1 priority

Whether you're sitting at the settlement table or standing before the judge, LaBeau Law Firm will be by your side. Attorney LaBeau will guide you as you...

  • Separate from your spouse: Divorce | Property division | Maintenance
  • Do what's best for your child: Child support or custody | Parenting plan modification | Paternity

Contact us today so we can discuss strategies that can set you up for success. We'll do our best to convince the judge to rule in your favor.